How to Create a Test Group

If you send tests to multiple email addresses within your organisation it is worth while creating a test group of these email addresses so that you can send one test rather than lots of individual ones.

Creating a Test Group

  1. Click Tools on the top tool bar.
  2. Select Test Group from the drop down.

Adding a New Test Group

  1. Click Add New Test Group
  2. Give the Group a Name
  3. Click Add, the screen will refresh and you will be taken to the test group.

Selecting a Contact to add to the Test Group

  1. Click Add Group Contact
  2. Click Select Contact (because the contact must be in the database already you cannot type the address into the box you must select them from the database) this will bring up a box for you to search for the email address from your database.
  3. Once you have selected the contact click Add.

Repeat steps 1-3 until you have added all the members that you need, then hit save and close at the top.

Sending to a Test Group

Sending to a test group is virtually the same as sending to an individual. When on the Send test tab select Group instead of individual and then choose a group from the drop down. The Test email won't mimic a contact from the database like and individual test does so any personalisation on the email will be relevant to the test recipient.


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