How to use Sender Email Address Dynamic

Sender Email address Dynamic allows you to populate the sender address with a contact field.

However the sender address that is populated in this section must match the domain of your Sender address.

Sender Email Address

Sender Email Address

You may have one or more Sender Domains associated to your account, in this example the sender domain is This is a sub domain of

Sender Email Address Dynamic

Sender Email Address Dynamic

The drop down next to Sender Address Dynamic allows you to select a field against the contact record to use as the sender email address.

This example uses a field called crmAccountManager.

So when the Email is sent the Contacts Account Managers Email address will be populated in the Sender address. However the data that is held in this field is not which is the Account Managers true email address. This is because is not set up for use with CommuniGator. The data has as this is the email address that is authorised to be used with CommuniGator.

If you where to populate into the sender address the emails will fail to send from the system.


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