This where all your campaigns live you can move items into folders to help keep your campaigns tidy.


  1. This option will hide or show the folder tree.
  2. Click here to add a new campaign.
  3. Click here to create a new GatorExpress campagin.
  4. Click here to use the filter search option.
  5. Click here to remove the filter/search you applied.
  6. Clicking a letter will show you all campaigns that start with that letter.
  7. Clicking here will show you the key to the different status icons.
  8. These are the tick boxes for selecting multiple campaigns at once when moving them to different folders.
  9. This is the name of the campaign.
  10. This is the notes of the campaign, the notes are not searchable but can still be useful.
  11. This is the date the campaign was created.
  12. This is the twitter button, if you have twitter set up click here to tweet your campaign, once a campaign has been tweeted the icon will be green.
  13. The inbox check status will show here along with the icon for split test if your campaign is a split test or the icon for GatorExpress if your campaign is a GatorExpress campaign.
  14. This is the status of the campaign stating whether it is initiated or not, use the key (No.6) to see what each one means.
  15. This is the initiate button on an uninitiated campaign or the view results button on an initiated campaign.
  16. Click here to delete the campaign, deleting a campaign will NOT stop it from sending, please call support if you need to stop a campaign quickly.
  17. This is your folder tree.
  18. This is your campaign pages navigation.
  19. You can select the number of items to show per page.
  20. This shows how many items are in the folder that you are currently in and over how many pages.


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