The section allows you to view the clicks for your campaign.

  1. Clicks Tab
  2. The Allias is the name that you have referred to the link
  3. The Link that someone has clicked on
  4. Where the link takes the user
  5. The Total amount of clicks on the link
  6. Distinct is the same as unique clicks, this shows you how many of the amount of individual users whom have clicked the link , regardless of how many times they clicked the particular link.
  7. A percentage that is made up of Total clicks/Distinct clicks.
  8. Allows the user to create a particular group of contacts when people have clicked through to the selected link
  9. Allows the user to share on social networks the results for the selected link
  10. Downloads all the contacts to an Excel CSV file whom have clicked on a link within the campaign  
  11. Downloads all the Contacts to an Excel CSV file whom are a distinct (Unique) click on the web clicks.
  12. It's a click break down in a pie chart form.


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