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Campaign - Email Standard and Split Test

This step will be looking at how to attach a standard email to a campaign.  

Email Type - Standard

  1. Click on the standard email option.
  2. Select the email design: if you click on the blue box with"..." This will bring you to the emails that you have created, from that list select the email that you are looking for.
  3. You have the option of inserting custom links (creating personalisation). Next to the Custom Link drop down, you have the option to paste items in. The final icon is the formater which allows you to strip different formatting and elements.
  4. Insert the subject line that you are looking to use. However if you copy over the subject line make sure you Paste it into a notepad first as this will strip the formatting of it.
  5. Click the "Attach Email" blue button to attach the email.
  6. The attached email will appear in the Attached Email section
  7. The pencil allows you to edit the campaign display which includes: Alias, Design, subject line and adding attachments.
  8. The Alias is what the email is known as.
  9. Is the attached email.
  10. Is the subject line for the email.
  11. The default send version is a HTML.
  12. If someone from the audience receives it a text version.
  13. This button allows you to attach the articles that you have created for the campaign.
  14. The event's button allows you to attach the events
  15. Is a block that changes depending on variables in the data. i.e. if the first name is unavailable then it will change to something Generic depending what the user has set up.
  16. The big red "X" allows you to delete the campaign.

Attaching Articles

  1. Allows you to pick the article block that you wish to use if you have multiple article blocks set up.
  2. Allows you to search either by Article title of Created Date.
  3. All the articles that you have created will appear here ordered by created date newest- oldest.
  4. The arrows in the centre of the two boxes allows you to add and remove articles and the down up and arrows allow you to change the order that the articles appear in the email. However in order to move or make changes you need to click on the article that you want to move.
  5. The articles that will appear in your email.
  6. Allows you to create rules for each article.
  7. Allows you to clear the rule if you no longer need it in place.


Email Type- Split Test

  1. Split testing allows you to test two email campaigns.
  2. Attach the email that you wish to send.
  3. Sender Alias is what the email sender will appear as.
  4. Is the subject line, thus if you wanted to you could have two different subject likes and compare the one that has the most clicks/open rates.
  5. The sample size - Actual is entering a number of people you wish to send it to.
  6. The percentage of the audience that you wish to send it to.
  7. Auto send- Where the campaign will send automatically after the split test is completed.
  8. Manual- After the split test is completed choose the campaign that you wish to send.
  9. The length of time that you wish the split test to run for.
  10. whether you would like the results to be on the highest open rate.
  11. whether you would like to results to be on the highest click through.



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