Campaign - Follow Up

This tab allows you to attach Follow ups to the campaign.

Campaign - Follow Up

  1. Enter the Name of your follow up.
  2. Click to attach your follow up.
  3. Click the pencil to set/edit the criteria of your follow up.
  4. This shows the name of your follow up.
  5. This shows the description of your follow up.
  6. This shows the send type.
  7. Click here to delete the follow up.

The follow up email function allows you to send an email to a pre-existing campaign audience. For example, you may have set up a campaign with a survey field that allows visitors to opt in to certain content (such as a weekly newsletter).

You could then create the newsletter and attach this as a follow up email. This newsletter could then be sent to the entire audience that opted in to that newsletter within the original campaigns survey. Within the follow up details you are able to set a number of timing options to customize the send itself, as seen below

Follow Up Details

The timing options allow you to specify exactly when you want the follow up to send. Any timing option you select will be relative to the time the original email campaign sent / sending criteria were met. (this is on a contact by contact basis)

In regards to our example above, the follow up would be sent 1 hour after the opt in to newsletter field had been selected.

You are also able to set a "send without delay" option.

Follow Up Details continued

Within the follow up details tab you are able to set an action trigger. A trigger is simply a specified action that cause the follow up to be sent. As seen in the screen shot above, a trigger could be anything from opening the original email, to the completion of a survey.

At the bottom of the follow up details page we can select the campaign we would like to attach the follow up too. We can select the "Current Campaign" (the one we are setting the follow up inside) or an "Other Campaign".

If setting up a follow up for another campaign you must check:

  1. That the other campaign has its campaign type set to "follow up"
  2. That the campaign has been initiated



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