The conversions screen allows you to drill down into the results of a campaign. This powerful tool can have multiple rules to really get into the core of your audience. The standard setup for conversions is Sent -> Delivered -> Opens, but this can be customised to whatever matched your needs.

Campaign Conversions Screen

  1. This block is the top of the conversion chart, it will usually be sent emails.
  2. This is the second part of the chart, in this case emails delivered.
  3. This is the last part of the chart, in this case emails opened.
  4. In order to set up your own customised ruleset for a campaign's conversions, click this image.

Campaign Conversions Screen 2

Campaign Conversions Screen 2

This is the screen that you can customise your ruleset.

  1. This is the action you select for the conversion (LZ hit, web hit etc).
  2. This is the value of the action (Name of the LZ, link etc).
  3. Click add to add the rule.
  4. All added rules will appear here.
  5. When you are finished, click close to go back to the screen.

Campaign Conversions Screen 3

When you come back to the conversions screen, hit refresh to update the chart.

  1. The new chart will be displayed here.
  2. The conversions show the amount of contacts that fulfilled the ruleset.
  3. These buttons allow you to do several things. Refresh recreates the visual graph, Edit rules allows you to change the ruleset you have created. Create group will create a group within CommuniGator based on the ruleset. The cost calculator allows you to put the total cost of the campaign in, and it will work out the cost per conversion.
  4. The ruleset will be displayed here.


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