Copying a Web Capture Form

To copy a web capture form we follow the same process used to copy emails and campaigns.

Create the Web Capture

Create the Web Capture

First of all, navigate your way to the web capture page found under Tools-Web Capture. This will bring up the screen as shown in the image above.

Click on the Add Web Capture button



Clicking on the Add Web Capture button will bring up the following options, Add, Cancel and Copy on the far right.

Click on the Copy Button.

Make your selection

Clicking on the Copy button will bring up a pop up screen. From the interface provided you can filter/search for the Web Capture form you would like to copy.

Once you have found the correct form, simply click on the form's name.

Add it to the library

Add it to the library

After selecting the desired form the pop up menu will disappear. This will take you back to the original screen where the description field will populate with the appropriate name.

From here you can name the Capture form.

Finally, press the Add button to complete the process.


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