Tools - Web Capture

Web Capture Setup

1. Name the first field that you would like to use

2. Place underneath a web capture control field using the button on the right hand side.

Name field and assign attributes

Name field and assign attributes

1. Name your capture field

2. Choose whether you would like the details to automatically populate.

3. If auto populate is used select the business object field that will be used to populate the field with,  FirstName

Select the field type for your web capture control

1. Select the option to make that value visible

2. To enter a default value that will automatically fill if nothing is entered into the web capture field.

3. Select a validation type such as if the information given is a date, or time

Mandatory Field

Mandatory Field

Select whether this is a mandatory field that needs to be infilled before the form can be submitted

Repeat this process until the form contains all the relevant information that is needed

Repeat this process until the form contains all the relevant information that is needed

This form will contain three web capture controls First Name, Last Name and Email Address

Add web capture button

1. Click on the insert web capture submit button

Name your web capture button

Insert web capture button details

1. Create a success message for those that have updated their details.

2. Redirect to URL if you have a specific web page for the people that have updated the form.

3. If your would like a campaign to be sent automatically on completion of the form.

4. To create a new audience group for the people that have filled the form

5. Select this option to add the contacts that have updated the form into a new audience group

6. Select this option to enable recaptcha verification pass code to be input when a client fills in the form

7. Enable a notification to be sent out on completion of the form (if checked the next option, Notification Email, will appear).

8. If finished click "Next"

Notification Email

1. Insert the email address that will receive the notification

2.Click add to insert the contact to receive the notification email.

3. Once the email has been added to receive the notification they will appear in this section

1. The unique identifier for your environment is not the email address of the contact. You therefore have the option to choose the dedupe field on submission of the web capture. Note: No matter which field is selected for dedupe, an email address is always required for web capture submission.

2. Click here to only allow one entry per contact.

3. Choose option if contact already exists; store for summary approval, deny update or make update automatically.

The finished web capture form

The finished web capture form

Finished web capture form

The Form URL

The Form URL

Click the 'Details' tab and copy the 'Web Capture URL'.  this can be used to access the page directly, or be added to an iframe on your website.


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