GatorExpress FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions that have been asked about GatorExpress, if you would like to know anything else, please contact your account manager or email

Is GatorExpress free?

Yes, GatorExpress is a free addition to the CommuniGator platform for all hosted customers. If you are an existing CommuniGator customer with the GatorMail application then you can use GatorExpress with no additional charge.

When will GatorExpress be available?

GatorExpress is now available for all hosted customers, but our Support Team must enable it on your account for you to be able to access it. We are conducting one to one sessions with clients to help you get the best out of GatorExpress and set it up.

For your invitation to be onboarded onto GatorExpress, you must have attended one of our preview webinars or watched a recording of the webinar. You can book onto a session or watch the video here:

We will then follow up with you accordingly.

Can I use GatorExpress with GatorMail?

Yes. Everything you do in GatorExpress automatically synchronises back into GatorMail and you can work on elements of your campaign in either application. Certain features in GatorMail will prevent you from loading a campaign in GatorExpress, but normally, you can use both applications interchangeably. As the whole purpose of GatorExpress is to keep things simple, there are lots of functions that are only available in GatorMail, but you can still use GatorExpress to rapidly author your email.

Can I use GatorExpress with a campaign from CRM?

Yes. You can push a campaign and audience across from CRM in the same way as normal. You then have the option to edit that campaign in GatorExpress as long as you have not  

Can I use GatorExpress on mobile and tablet devices

GatorExpress has been tested on iPads and other tablets, but is not currently usable on mobiles.

How do I create a template for GatorExpress?

GatorExpress uses existing functionality within the GatorMail Editor to make templates. There are two main types of editable content that you can use in GatorExpress:

  1. Merge/Content Fields
  2. Article Blocks

If you are already familiar with these functions, then you can start creating templates for GatorExpress, but our Support team will help change one of your existing templates to work with GatorExpress as part of the onboarding process. We will then be running more detailed training in the coming weeks for creating additional templates.

Can I use GatorExpress as an on-premise customer?

GatorExpress is not currently available to deploy on-premise. It can only be used as part of our hosted solution. Speak to your Account Manager about your migration options if you have an on premise deployment of CommuniGator.

How do I create articles for GatorExpress

Articles are automatically created when you author a campaign with article blocks in GatorExpress and saved so that the same content can be used in other campaigns. If you modify an article then the same changes will be made to any other email campaigns that contain the same article. The article function is also available in GatorMail and syncs seemlessly between GatorExpress

Can I use Article Rules with GatorExpress?

The Article Rule functionality is not currently available in GatorExpress. You can apply article rules in GatorMail after you have authored your campaign in GatorExpress, but you would no longer be able to modify the campaign in GatorExpress from that point.

How do I change who the email is from in GatorExpress?

GatorExpress will take the default Sender Address and Sender Alias from your System Defaults when you create a campaign in GatorExpress. You cannot change this in GatorExpress, but once you have built your campaign, you can modify these fields in GatorMail as you would normally do.

What will the Support Team do to my template during onboarding?

To help you get up and running with something you're already familiar with, we will take on of your existing templated email designs and add the relevant code to it to make it work in GatorExpress. This may include article blocks and/or content fields depending on the nature of the template.

Will the Support Team make my template responsive?

If your template is already coded responsively, then we will maintain that formatting in your template for GatorExpress. However we will not recode an existing template to make it responsive as part of the onboarding. You can get a range of free responsive templates that are compatible with GatorExpress separately here:

Our Design Team can also create bespoke templates that work responsively and with GatorExpress, this is a chargeable activity and can be arranged via your account manager.


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