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How to Convert Your Template to GatorExpress

Once GatorExpress has been enabled to your CommuniGator instance and you have got your first template converted for free, you will be able to convert any existing templates into GatorExpress compatible templates.

GatorExpress campaigns consist of Article Blocks and Merge fields.

Copying your first template

The first step is to copy an existing template as this means you will still have a copy of the that template either as a backup or to continue to use for Editor based emails.

  1. Click Add New template and this will provide you with the option to name the new template.
  2. This is where you select the template that you would like to copy.
  3. Click add. When the screen refreshes it will direct you into the editor.

How To Insert a Merge Field

How To Insert a Merge Field

This step will show you how to insert a Merge Field. Anything set as merge field in the template will appear in Gator Express under the content section. The font style, colour and size will need to be set within the template.

  1. Highlight the text that you would like to change to a Merge Field.
  2. Click on the custom links drop down.
  3. Expand Merge Fields.
  4. Select the Merge field that you would like to associate that text with, you are currently only able to have 10 Merge fields appear in a CommuniGator Campaign.


How to set an image as a content image

How to set an image as a content image

A content image allows you to change the image within GatorExpress, meaning you don't have to go back into the editor to change the image.

  1. Select the Image.
  2. Click on the set Content Image button.
  3. Enter the name for the content image, this name is for your reference only and will appear in the Content tab of GatorExpress.

How to Insert Article Blocks

Article blocks can be used for all different types of design, they do not necessarilly have to be used for articles. In the CommuniGator system we have many different article block styles.

  1. Remove the text in the area that you would like the article block to be placed in.
  2. Click the Article Block button on the right hand side
  3. Enter an Article Block Identifier, this helps you distinguish which article block is which.

Selecting the Article Block Template

This section allows you to browse through all the different article blocks available, don't worry you are able to changes to the Font style, colour and size as well as change the back ground to match your document in the next step.

Once you have found the article block design that you wish to use simply click on that article block.

Changing the Article Block Style

Changing the Article Block Style

After selecting the article block that you wish to use you have the option to adjust the styling of that article block. The option is available at the top of the screen, titled Show Style Options.

  1. Click the option show style options, this will then present you with the the screen above.
  2. Allows you to select the font style for the article block
  3. Modified Styles, if you have used this article block before it will save you styles so you can select the style that you would like to use.
  4. Font Colours, the first font colour changes the Title of the Article, the second Font Colour changes the body of the text and the third font colour changes the colour of the read more link.
  5. Main Colours, this section allows you to change the border around the image as well as the background colour, the first option is for the border and the second option is for the background for the body of the template.
  6. Font Sizes, allows you to change the Font Size of the text. The first size is for the title, the second option is to change the main body and the third option is to change the read more link.

Once you are happy with how your article block looks you can click on the save and close button that appears at the top window.

Changing the Colour

Changing the Colour

Click on the arrow that is highlight below, this will present you with the colour palette. If you would like to add the HEX or the RGB Value in for a colour click on the RGB sliders button and you will be presented with that option.


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