Editing Images in GatorExpress

The image editor within Gator Express allows you to edit your image with little effort and without the need to have another piece of software.

Accessing the Editor

Lets take the following example, this template contains 2 images (1 and 2). To change the image you just need to click on the corresponding buttons (3 and 4) on the left and change the images.

How to edit an image

How to edit an image

As an example we changed in the template the "Right Image" (2) by clicking on the button (1) and selecting an image.

Editing the image

Editing the image

After clicking the button for the image we get the above window, in this example we will select the image (1), after selecting the image, to open the editor, we just need to click the button "Edit" (2)

The editor

After clicking the "Edit" button we get the above image that we can split into 2 main areas:

  1. Image tools - where we have all the available tools to edit the image
  2. Image area - the area that contains the image and you will be able to interact to change it.


Edit example - Crop

Edit example - Crop

As an example we will crop the image we edited, in the toolbar we clicked on "Crop" (1).

To select the crop area you can:

  1. Use the drag points 2,3,4,5
  2. Type the exact size in pixels you wish your new image to be (6)

At any point you can abort this action by clicking "Cancel" (7).

If you wish to move the crop area, you just need to place the mouse in the center of the area and drag it to the desired location.

When you are happy with the crop, you can click "Apply" (9) to apply the changes to the image and when you are done with the edit, just hit "Save" (10)


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