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Creating a Workflow from a template

A selection of prebuilt templates have been created for your use that contain a number stages to cover particular scenarios.  These may be used as completed workflows in their current form or can be edited once created to remove or add further stages and actions.

In order to make use of templates, you will need to have the relevant GatorMail components already created.  These requirements are detailed for each template type in the description field.

The Template Wizard

Create From Template

Create From Template
  1. Select the down arrow next to 'Create a Workflow'
  2. Select 'Create a Workflow from a Template'

This will launch the template selection screen.

Template Selection

  1. Use the dropdown to select the template to view.
  2. A preview of the selected template is shown here.
  3. This contains a brief explanation as to what the template provides and the GatorMail components required in order to use.
  4. Select 'Next' to launch the Creation Wizard for the selected template.

Template Details

Template Details

You will need to supply the workflow details in order to save and test your workflow.

  1. The name you would like to save your workflow as.
  2. Any notes / description of what the workflow does.
  3. The test email address (one or multiple can be supplied by adding one per row).
  4. The folder to store your workflow in.

Supplying Template Data

Supplying Template Data

You will now be presented with a number of prompts in order to connect the template to campaigns, groups etc that exist in your system.  Each template will have different prompts based on the purpose of the template.  The example we will use are the prompts required for the 'Anniversary' template.

  1. Select the group within your GatorMail instance that will be used to feed members into the workflow.

Field Selection

Field Selection

The anniversary template requires you to select a field within the database that holds the date that you will be using.

  1. Select your date field from the dropdown list.

Campaign Selection

Campaign Selection
  1. Select the campaign to send to members.

Create Workflow

Create Workflow

Once all prompts have been responded to, the wizard is ready to create your workflow.

  1. Click on 'Create Workflow'

Completed Workflow

You will then be launched into your new workflow.  From here you are able to test or publish or can make alterations by removing or adding stages.


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