CommuniGator Domain Setup Guide

This article details the set up process for a new domain/sub-domain within CommuniGator. We will show you how to:

Purchasing a Domain/Sub-Domain

The domain/sub-domain you set up will be dedicated to your email marketing.

You can create a completely new domain, or create a sub-domain under an existing domain.
For example, a new domain could be '', the sub-domain being ''

For blacklisting reasons, we advise against using your main website domain to send from.

Create Domain Keys

Domain keys are required to complete the authentication of your domain.

  1. Head to
  2. Generate a private & public key pair by filling in:
    - Domain Name e.g. '' or ''
    - Domain Key Selector 'key1' as the domain key selector
    - Select relevant 'key size in bits', which provides a level of encryption for your domain key. The larger the key size, the greater the level of      encryption.
  3. Click 'Create Keys' which will show down the page.
  4. Copy the text from “-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY------” to “------END RSA PRIVATE KEY------” into a text file and save it as [DomainName]_keys.txt.
  5. Copy everything from the second box in the Selector Record, making sure you copy everything between the quote marks.
  6. Save the copied text into a new text file.

It is crucial that the format of the key you have copied is exactly the same as in the port25 otherwise the authentication will fail.

Please note that some domain providers may not support 2048 bit encrypted keys, so if you are unsure use 1024 bit keys.

Configure DNS Settings

You must apply the following settings to the DNS management of your domain/sub-domain. These changes will normally be made by your IT department if you self-manage your domain or use a third-party domain provider with a managed domain.

  1. Set your records:
    - A record to: ‘’ or ‘’'. However if you would like to use this domain to place HTTPS content on your website set the IP to be ‘’'This is for links/images.
    - MX record to: ‘’ (Priority 1) .This is for incoming mail.
    - TXT record to: ‘v=spf1 -all’ .This is for SPF.
  2. Create a sub-domain of the sub-domain you just created (if you have created one): ‘key1._domainkey.This is for DKIM.
    - TXT record to: the Key Selector information copied when you created your domain keys.
  3. Create a sub-domain of the sub-domain you just created (if you have created one): ‘_dmarc.'This is for DMARC.
    - TXT record to:v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; sp=quarantine; rf=afrf; pct=100;’

Send Information

Email CommuniGator Support at

If you have set updated the A record to point towards our HTTPS IP address please notify us in the email to support.

Send over your created domain/sub-domain name and the text file saved in the domain key creation step, [DomainName]_keys.txt

We will then finalise your domain creation!

If you are unsure of the steps outlined in this guide, please speak to your IT department or, for help and advice, do not hesitate to contact


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