REST API - Obtaining a ClientID and Secret

When using the API, there are two types of Client ID and Secret we can provide:

- APP uses refresh and long live tokens, commonly used if you are creating an literal app e.g. Facebook.

- Basic/Environment uses username and passwords for more general API uses.


In order to get the Client ID and Secret for the APP API you need to send a request into Support on as we generate the ID and Secret.

For APP the scope is as follows:

  1. OpenID (required)
  2. GatorMail API
  3. GatorLeads API
  4. GaotrSurvey API



In order to get ClientID and Secret you need to be a Company Admin in SSO (SingleSignOn).
This is so you have access to the Environments Tab for your Company SSO.

1. In the SSO select the Environments Tab.

2. Select 'Create API Credentials'


3. Make sure the correct product has been selected.

4. Make sure the Environment is the correct selected environment.

5. Enter the Name of the API, usually it is the name of the Company.

6. Enter a Password.


This password needs to be taken note of as we do not store it and cannot reset it for you.

The scope for Basic/Environment API is as follows:

  1. OpenID
  2. Apply ID only for the environment created:
    - GatorMailApi
    - GatorLeadsApi
    - GatorSurveyApi



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